About Us

My passion for burning candles was born in the 2020 lockdown. I was stuck working from home, away from my friends and family. It was hard, stressful and lonely.

I began burning a candle on my desk every morning when I started work. It became a part of my morning routine. I would wake up, brush my teeth, put on my skincare, make a cup of coffee, and light a candle. 

I realised that the scent of the candle calmed me throughout the day, and it became a comfort to me. I enjoyed a burning candle next to me as I worked, and I found it calmed my stress. It soon became my way of making sure I was taking care of myself during the lockdown. 

The aroma of the candles always brightened up my days, and eased my stress away. 

I liked sharing my selfcare technique with my friends and I soon realised I wanted to help others look after their mental wellbeing with candles.

For the next 1.5 years, I researched and experimented the best ways to make soy wax candles and developed my own signature scents. That's how I created LUSCENTIC.  

We're an Australian small business based in Perth, Western Australia. We want to help our customers look after their mental health, using our candles as a form of selfcare.